Interior Design & Home Decor

This family home was full of love, memories, and a whole lot of clutter. Ready to sell their home and move on to their next chapter in life, they brought in Live Outside the Box Studio to show them where to start and the value of organization and staging before selling their home.

Enter Live Outside the Box Studio, with a vision to take this room to the next level!

This project began as a DIY Staging Consultation and after trust and comfort was established it became a small renovation project, complete with personal shopping to aid in the timeframe of getting the property on the market.

By decluttering and removing all of the personal belongings, even the family was shocked at how much space their home really had. Rearranging the living area to welcome family members and guests in and creating a true dining room brought this home back to a blank slate for someone else to see themselves living there.

The kitchen received a small renovation with new counter tops, backsplash and a fresh new stain on the cabinetry. The small investment in staging, using their existing furniture, and purchasing much needed pieces including: curtain rods, drapery, stylish accessories and a statement mirror in the dining area was an excellent return on investment.