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This family just built their home and struggled with the space planning aspect.​ With two small children and a love for entertaining, this family needed a multifunctional space that maximized their square footage.

Enter Live Outside the Box Studio, with a vision to take this room to the next level!

With an open concept floor plan and a staircase close by, this space planning project was fairly simple. By grounding the living space with a soft area rug and maximizing the space with a sectional the remaining space allowed for a functional, round coffee table and one occasional chair. With room to play, storage for toys and a comfortable entertaining space, this project was a success.

This design concept was based off of a hand drafted floor plan from the client and a few quick photos of the space. With the plans in hand, this DIY Design Project is ready to be implemented when the client's time and budget allows.


This was a unique project that I'd be delighted to have fun with again.

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Living Area 1
Live Outside the Box Studio Living Room Rendering Portfolio
Living Area 2